ICYMI: Instagram thread display, rainbow flamethrower and more

Today on In Case You Missed It: Forever 21 just unveiled (or unwound) a new kind of billboard that uses mechanical spools of thread to rapidly display Instagram photos. A bionic eye was implanted in a patient for use with a new disease: Age-related macular degeneration. And your next pride parade or heck, kiddy birthday party will be the perfect place to unveil your mastery of common household ingredients to make a rainbow flamethrower display. Don’t say we didn’t warn you though.

From the cutting room floor: Scientists put tiny lasers into human cells. The hope is that such a breakthrough (if it gets beyond the petri dish stage) could track where cancer cells move. So fascinating!

Today’s bonus story, we admit, has little to do with tech and more to do with lols. It’s a woman inside a clear box that a bear is slamming around. We don’t know either.

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